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Enlarged Photos of Great Britain's Armored Motor-cars.
Below you will find the enlarged photos of the two armored motor-cars used by Great Britain, the Rolls-Royce, built on their famous 'Ghost' luxury car's chassis and the Lanchester. Both were used extensively in WWI and beyond.

Great Britain's Rolls-Royce Armored Motor-car
It had a crew of three to four men, and had an armored plating of 9 mm. It was 16 feet 6 inches long, 6 feet 3 inches wide, 8 feet 4.5 inches high, and had a weight of 7480 pounds. It's engine was either a 40 or 50 H. P. Rolls-Royce engine, had a range of 150 miles and could travel up to 60 m.p.h. It's Armament, just as the Lanchester was, one .303 machine gun.

Great Britain's Lanchester Armored Motor-car
It had a crew of 4 men, was 16 feet long, 6 foot 4 inches wide and 7 foot 6 inches high and a weight of 10,340 pounds. It had a 60 horsepower motor and could reach speeds of 50 m.p.h. It had one .303 machine gun as it's only armament.

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