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Below are photos of the different variations of the famous Minerva Armored Motor-car and one of a SAVA!

Another Minerva armored car being used to scout and gather intelligence. This Belgium soldier appears to be looking at the smoke from Antwerp's Naphtha Tanks burning in the distance.

Under the control of the heroic Lieutenant Hunkart, the Belgian armored motor-car has been found a formidable substitute for the scouting signs of the enemy. The lieutenant goes out every morning hunting for Uhlans. He takes with him a gendarme, an engineer, and a carabineer enlist. One peculiarly daring exploit of Lieutenant Hunkart was performed before the Battle of Lorain, his old headquarters. He discovered the defensive position of the Germans on the Aneldeve and the Ourtho, rescued two French cavalrymen, and killed five Uhlans.

Here another Minerva armored motor-car being used to chase down and kill "Uhlan" cavalry. This may be a postcard depicting Lt. Hunkart's exploits, as you read above.
(Uhlans were calvary troops, which carried lances.)

Belgian armored motor-car going into action near Ghent. (Note the barricade in the background)

Belgian armored motor-car firing across a dyke near Boom.

A group of Belgian soldiers posing with their armored motor-car. The Belgian military were very proud of these fast and nimble Minerva armored motor-cars.

A Belgian SAVA's armored motor-car that has made sorties from Antwerp and put marauding Germans to flight. The driver is well protected, and at the back of the car is a revolving turret which permits a machine-gun to fire in any direction.

The Minerva's were very photogenic. Being something of a 1914 vintage high-tech novelty, they were extremely photogenic and were extensively photographed.

A pair of Minerva armored motor-cars, noticed the differences between the two vehicles. It may be every crew had a free-hand in fixing their Minerva's the way they liked.

Proper traction is playing an important roll in the war. For the first time armored cars have been used for scouting purposes, and the Belgium's especially proved how effective they are for harrying the enemy. This is a Belgium scouting car with a machine-gun mounted for action.

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