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Welcome, to the Minerva Armored Motor-car website. Although the Minerva Motor Company re-built and produced most of the new armored vehicles, and was a household name when it came to making armored cars, there were other auto makers who produced armored cars during WWI. The three companies in Belgium were, Minerva, Sava (Societe Anversois pour la fabrications de Voitures Automobiles), and Morse. Great Britain's armored cars were made by Rolls-Royce and Lanchester.
On this website, I will try and give you a little information about the first motorized armored cars of the 20th Century, and their first use in defense of a nation. They were the "Hummers" of their day, and the Belgian army made good use of them in the first days of World War I and during the 'Siege of Antherp".
These little armored cars were used to defend Belgium against the invasion of over-powering numbers of men, and large guns, of the Imperial German Army. While the British used them to save downed pilots on the battlefields of Europe, and to patrol and fight in the deserts of Africa and Arabia. Later, these special little vehicles, with their brave crews would be sent to Russia to help defend that nation.
The Belgian Morse and the British Lanchester, were sent to Russia after the fall of Belgium, and the stabilization of the Western Front, while the Rolls-Royce went to Africa and Arabia, and were considered an important arm in the Arabic army led by the famous Lawrence of Arabia.
Find out more about these
"little cars that could",
by reading about them in the next few pages.
Little in size and few in number, they stood up to the massive on-slaught of the Imperial German army, and slowed the inevitable from happening. I think you will find all of these vehicles, very interesting.

Note: If, you have any information about the Minerva, Morse, SAVA, Lanchester and/or Rolls-Royce Armored cars, or know where I may find some information pertaining to these vehicles, please E-mail me and let me know. There is very little information out there on these vehicles, and any help will be greatly appeciated. You may use my E-mail link below or sign my guestbook and leave your info there.
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Taking time-out from war!
Above picture shows Lieutenant Lettenhove
(seated) with his crew, Lieutenant Lettenhove was one of the most notable commanders of these little armored cars. He was successful in several raids against the enemy.

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Minerva is known as the Roman goddess of wisdom. It is said she sprang from the head of her father, Jupiter, fully grown and in full armor. Fierce and warlike, she was the patron of warriors, the defender of the home and the state, and the embodiment of wisdom and reason.

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Attacking the Enemy!
The soldiers who manned the Minerva armored motor-cars were very brave, aggressive and committed to defending their nation against the aggressor, in this case, Imperial Germany. Here, shown on this World War I magazine cover, Belgian soldiers are attacking some"Uhlan" calverymen, and forcing their retreat. (Uhlans were calvary troops, which carried lances.)

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